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Coins or Bars? - Investing in Gold Bullion Online in Britain

Hello, here I'll be sharing a little information about how to invest in gold. By no means do I consider myself an expert, one of the most frequent questions asked is should I choose gold bars or allocated gold? I'm afraid I can't answer that question, but I will share a number of places to purchase bullion that I've had personal experience with right here in Great Britain.

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Many independent investors agree - buying gold is a classic way to protect against a hyperinflationary scenario and the tried and trusted Good Delivery Bar is still the standard method of storing and transporting large quantities of Au 79 (Its chemical symbol and atomic number.)

Reserve banks across the globe store this precious metal in a particular standardized form known as the "Good Delivery", each one tipping the scales at 400 troy ounces (equivalent to 438.9 ounces). For trading and manufacturing, the 1000 gram kilobar is currently the most favoured size.

However innovative precious metal products such as Valcambi's tiny 1 gram CombiBars which come in 50 gram divisable mini bars, are swiftly gaining in popularity with the bullion buying public.

For security, when investing for the first time many prefer to take physical delivery of their coins and bars and store these outside of the banking system in the hope of minimizing counterparty risk. Others prefer the liquidity of an online exchange such as Bullionvault which offers allocated storage in vaults.

Moving swiftly on, you'll find more information about allocated gold on the home page. A curated list of trusted precious metal companies we've had positive experience buying and selling with can be found right here.

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